MSI GF63 Review

The MSI GF63 Review - Less Weight, More Battery Life

Gaming Laptops - 08/10/2018



Gaming laptops have been known to have poor battery life and are quite heavy.

That is the price you pay if you want a rig powerful enough to run the latest games on ULTRA settings and MAX resolution.

But with recent improvements in technology, a new subset gaming laptops are being made. This new subset of gaming laptops differentiate themselves from traditional gaming laptops by being lightweight, improved battery life, super slim and do not overheat.

For the laptops to be the best of both worlds some compromises had to be made which I will discuss later on in the review.

Enter the MSI GF63.

The MSI GF63 is a gaming laptop that was released mid-2018. A laptop that is the best of both worlds.

MSI GF63 - Gaming Laptop with great battery life

What Makes The MSI GF63 So Great?

MSI GF63 is lightweight roughly about 4 pounds or 1.86 kg which is very impressive. And has a battery life of approximately 6 hours - that is actually a decent enough battery life for a gaming laptop. Most traditional gaming laptops give you at most 3 hours of battery life on normal usage. MSI GF63 battery life is almost twice that.

Apart from those mentioned above the MSI GF63 is super-slim, made of brushed aluminium with plastic at the bottom – for that sturdy body - and thin-bezels all coming together to give you that premium aesthetic look and feel.

How is This Possible?

What made it possible is its dedicated graphics card the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q Design and its cooling system. I am sure most of you have heard about some graphics card that have Max-Q Designs.

But, how is it related to the GF63's lightweight and great battery life?

Basically, the graphics card with Max-Q Designs put a cap on performance and power consumption so that less room is need for cooling and heat dissipation.

This make it possible for the laptop to super-slim and lightweight. If you have a graphics card taking up less room you will be to get a much slimmer, lighter and a gaming laptop with great battery life.

The cap on performance and power consumption is one of the compromises that was made to be able to give you a gaming laptop with great battery life. This cap has made it slightly less powerful than the traditional NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 Ti but still more powerful than GTX 1050. Though it lies much closer to the GTX 1050 Ti.

Think about it? A slight decrease in performance in playing games in a super-slim and lightweight gaming laptop with great battery life or great performance in a heavy and thick gaming laptop with poor battery life. This doesn’t look much of a compromise at all unless you are the type who is an avid gamer and wants to play games at maximum settings then this laptop is not for you. Talking about slight performance decrease – at most you will 5-10 fps less than GTX 1050 Ti.

For those who like Fortnite and PUBG rest assured, you will get smooth gameplay on this laptop.

Most cooling systems in gaming laptops have several fans and heat pipes to keep the laptop from overheating and potentially destroying the hardware components of the gaming laptops. Also, the fans make a lot of noise under heavy usage which can be unpleasant.

Because, the NVIDIA 1050 Ti Max-Q Design has a power and performance cap on it, the graphics card will produce much less heat and so you won’t need a lot of heat pipes and fans to keep the laptop from overheating. This is results in less noise when the laptop is under heavy usage and also not to high temperatures when playing games.

What About The Performance And Display?

The MSI GF63 runs on an 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H Hexa-Core processor and has 16 GB of RAM which can be expanded to 32 GB.

I mean, this slim laptop is pretty much has a top-notch when it comes to processor performance. There goes the saying “Size always matters”. Against its predecessor the i7-7700HQ you get a 42% increase in performance. So there is no need to worry about if the processor is good enough for this task or if it will be able to handle this application. It has enough processing power to handle even the most CPU-intensive tasks and with the help of its TurboBoost technology and 16 GB of RAM.

This makes it great for content creation, streaming on multiple tabs, multitasking etc. Basically, it will be able to handle CPU-intensive tasks without a sweat.

The laptop has a slow 1 TB Hard Disk Drive installed which luckily can be easily replaced for a Solid State Drive which is recommended. With the Solid State Drive, you will get faster boot times, less time opening applications and faster copying times. All these greatly contribute to the performance of the laptop as a whole.


The Display is mediocre at best nothing impressive. It is a Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Display with thin bezels – adds to overall aesthetic of the laptop. The IPS display is a plus so you get great viewing angles, a bright screen especially during outdoors and a better user experience. Where the display fails is it colour gamut. Has a low colour gamut. If you are into Adobe Photoshop or any other work that demands high colour accuracy then this laptop is not the one for you. But apart from that display is okay, nothing to be impressed about.

Ports, Connectivity and Keyboard

The MSI GF63 has four ports – 1 Type-C USB3.1 and 3 Type-A USB3.1 Gen 1. It has a Gb Lan, a 802.11ac wireless card and Bluetooth 5.0. The keyboard is backlit but not with RGB colours as with most gaming laptops but with a red colour.

Why You Should Get This Laptop?


The MSI GF63 embodies the best of both worlds – lightweight and great battery life. This laptop will make you forget it is a gaming laptop and in a good way.

If you are the type who likes to travel and game on the GO


A student who is looking for something lightweight, super-slim and with great battery life and STILL wants to play demanding games.

Then by all means this laptop is the right one for you.

In short you get a laptop that is

  • Lightweight
  • Has Great Battery Life
  • Super-Slim making it very portable
  • A Gaming Laptop

MSI GF63 Specifications

Screen Size 15.6 inches
Max Screen Resolution 1980 x 1080
Processor 8th Intel Core i7 Hexa-Core Processor
Hard Drive 1 TB HDD
Graphics CoProcessor NVIDIA Geforce 1050 Ti Max-Q Design
Chipset Brand NVIDIA
Card Description DEDICATED
Graphics Card Ram Size 4 GB GDDR5
Wireless Type 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0
Average Battery Life (in hours) 7 Hours
Brand Name MSI
Series GF Series
Item model number MSI GF63
Hardware Platform PC
Item Weight 4.10 pounds
Color Black
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Count 6
Computer Memory Type DDR4 SDRAM
Flash Memory Size 1 TB
Hard Drive Interface Hard Disk
Power Source AC & Battery
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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